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About Uganda

Uganda is the 2nd biggest African producer of coffee and the 8th biggest producer in the world producing nearly 300,000 metric tons.

Uganda is very well known for the coffees from around Mount Elgon with its delicious bold characteristics due to the valcanic soil in which the coffee is grown.

This region is also the home to the infamous Sipi Fall organic coffee which is very well know around the world.

Our Ugandan Footprint

We are very grateful and proud to be associated with Carico and Mr. Mwambu Wanendeya.

Carico pride themselves in working towards making a real difference in the lives of the small scale farmers who grow their coffee and pay them a fair price to help them produce the finest coffee and sell it around the globe and reinvest knowledge and energy in the communities which grow the crops.

Processing Cherries on one of the Carico Coffee Farms in Uganda

 Our ethos is very much inline with what Carico believes and are proud to say, “We encourage the farmers we work with to preserve their soil and to practice sustainable harvesting and processing”. We have a great range of these coffees, including Robusta and Arabica – Conventional and speciality lots.

Our Flagship Coffees

Uganda Bugisu FWA AA

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