About Tanzania

Coffee production in Tanzania is a significant aspect of its economy as it is Tanzania’s largest export commodity. Tanzanian coffee production averages between 30-40,000 metric tons annually.

The nine main growing regions of Arabica are in:

  • Iringa
  • Kigoma
  • Matengo Highlands
  • Mbeya
  • Mbinga
  • Morogoro
  • Ngara
  • North Kilimanjaro
  • Usambara Mountains
Tanzani coffee region near Mt Kilimanjaro

Ninety percent of Tanzania’s coffee farms are smallholder, with the remainder being larger plantations. The coffee industry employs approximately 270,000 people.

Tanzania coffee generally provides citric and tart/winey like characteristics which we find ourselves to be extremely satisfying. They are sometimes highlighted by notes of Chocolate and Currant like flavors. The cup is bright with a medium body and a smooth syrupy finish.

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