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Malawian coffee might not be one of the most common coffees to come out of African but in terms of character and flavor is one of the best coffee beans in Africa.

Its best characteristics are a full body, natural sweetness, soft and smooth with well-rounded flavor notes. Malawi is one of the smaller coffee producers in the world where there are currently about 3000 to 4000 coffee small holders coffee farmers.

Malawi may lack in coffee volume production but they make up for it in Culture and Character. They have some amazing varietals like Catimor, caturra, SL 28, Mundonovo, Gesha and Agaro.

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Malawi Coffee

The Misuku Hill project is a Specialty Coffee Exchange initiative. We have partnered with people on the ground there that process and Mill the coffee for us and this helps us maintain consistent supply and quality control.

We deal with just over 100 farmers that we purchase from in the misuku hill district that this relationship is looked after for us by Macmillan Kawenda and the Misuku Hill farmers Union.

This direct trade relationship is very important to us, as this way we know that from the tree to the bag everyone in this section of the chain is getting what they deserve.

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