No matter where the coffee is that we offer, it is a beautiful reminder that it’s so much more than coffee, there’s heritage, culture and beautiful people too.
We are dedicated to ensuring that the quality chain of coffee production and processing is maintained and more importantly the farmer gets what the farmer deserves. Our relationship on the ground with each origin we deal with is vitality important as this ensures consistency and Quality. 

Outside of Africa we occasionally get some amazing selections from Central and South America as well as Asia. We ensure that all of our green coffee is traceable and transparent to the best of our ability. Majority of our coffee offerings are from our own continent as our love and passion for coffee was birthed out of Africa with our founder having invested the first decade of his career living in Africa working on farms, processing coffee, building washing stations and milling plants. Our platform starts with our amazing Specialty Coffee Exchange Malawi Misuku Hill project that gives us our solid footprint(finger print) in Africa.