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Our Story

The foundations of Specialty Coffee Exchange date back to where Grant planted roots in Africa for 10 years working on a vast amount of agricultural projects and that was where the love and passion for African coffee began.

With this deeply rooted passion we constantly strive to honor the journey, the farmer and the coffee and we pride ourselves on strong relationships on the ground with each country we venture with.

Our team collectively have over 45 years of experience and we would love to help you find the best for you and your team and more importantly, your customer! Let our ‘Green Bean team’ help you become the ‘Dream team’.

Green Beans in Bags
Roasting Green Beans

We don't just sell beans

Our Journey has taken us to many countries and the most valuable lesson that we have learnt is ‘Investment’.

Yes we look for value for money and high quality coffee but more importantly an opportunity to invest in farmers lives so that they may thrive in what they do to.

Cultivating and growing relationships with these farmers and producers is one of our core values and we will always strive to seeing everyone in the entire ‘Bean to Cup’ process thrive in this industry!

Direct Trade

We pride ourselves in doing our best in cutting out the middle man and always dealing directly with the farmers and producers. Direct trade ultimately is the way to do this.

 It is definitely a massive part of our ethos to always ensure transparency and traceable so not only do our customers get the best we can offer but we can give the best to the people we source our beans from.

 We will always do our best to ensure the value chain is never broken.

Our Best Sellers

We love all of our coffees but amongst the teams favourites and customers personal preferences, there are 3 that rise above the rest.

We’ve ‘bean there done’ and recommend you should too!

Rwanda Baho Community Lot

Cocoa and plum undertones. SCA 83

Malawi Misuku Hill

Suble Fruity Flavours. SCA 81

Uganda Bugisu

Rich chocolate flavours. SCA 80

Give Our Beans a Go.....IT"S ON US

We want to ensure we help you get the right green for your business and clients. We will spend time with you and send free samples.

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